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Symptoms when microbiome was taken

Based on self-reporting of symptoms and conditions.
Only items with 16 or more reports in the current filter are shown. 16 is the minimal level to detect significance.

What are we doing? Imagine taking all of the salaries in a company and grouping them into the 4 EQUAL-SIZED groups - creating brackets (0-$18000, $18000-$63000, $63000- $75000, over $75000).
We now do a count of women in each of these brackets. We now look for counts in each bracket that are above or below expectation. If we see 75% in $18000-$63000 (instead of the expected 25%), we would conclude that there may be inequality in wages for women. In some cases, the average women wage may be the same as men (because a few of the highest paid are women, bringing up the average)

In this case, it may be that women are not hired for maintenance, grounds (lowest bracket) or managers -- just as clerical. This is how we detect abnormalities with bacteria. Are there A LOT more or less than expected in one or more of the brackets?

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    The Box-Plot method is used to compute significant, using the counts in each of the 4 quartiles from the full population of samples. See this page on the associated blog for more information.

    Only statistically significant patterns are shown below. The number in each Quartile are expected to be the same. Observed for these conditions is shown.

    Bacteria People Expected in each group Bottom 25% Low 25% High 25% Top 25% P Value Eureka!
    401 100.25 126 96 88 91 0.0274283860755693 False
    367 91.75 88 75 114 90 0.0344756263776176 False
    18 4.5 2 7 8 1 0.0416355049822714 False
    318 79.5 76 63 80 99 0.0390447454301713 False
    232 58 44 47 71 70 0.0124955876709504 False
    367 91.75 89 74 114 90 0.0300242829013655 False
    269 67.25 62 54 66 87 0.031440436649806 False
    43 10.75 15 10 15 3 0.0292908865348883 False

    Warning: By random chance, 5% (PValue 0.05) are likely to be reported. So if 1000 bacteria are checked, 50 will likely be reported as "0.05 significant" (5% of 1000). The Eureka column shows those that are likely to be meaningful.

    The Eureka PValues is about 0.000537923614846692 because we have 929 bacteria examined.

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