For the lab belows we are forced to use each Lab's definition of being very low, low, normal, high, very high which is often representedby color (yellow, red).

These reports are old technology and known to be very incomplete. They are low resolution, later 16s lab tests often report on over 800 different bacteria.

A 16s report is strongly recommended (choices). OlaWell (with discount code) and Thryve offers the best "bang" (most taxa reported - 500-1200 different bacteria often) for the cost ($ < $100).
Many 16s tests are sold direct to consumers and do not require going thru a physician (Just like DNA tests, for example 23andMe).

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This page describes the process of transcribing data.

If your report is missing, please email a copy to Ken{at} and it will be added to this page

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