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Taxonomy Layers to Condition Chart

Data based on PubMed articles.

I want to see how various bacteria are assoicated with multiple conditions.

For lines going to Conditions For lines between layers -- it is the count of how many child elements are associated at each layer.

Based on these studies

  1. Alterations of the Gut Microbiota in Hashimoto`s Thyroiditis Patients.
    Thyroid : official journal of the American Thyroid Association (Thyroid ) Vol: 28 Issue 2 Pages: 175-186
    Pub: 2018 Feb Epub: 2018 Feb 1
    • Zhao F
    • Feng J
    • Li J
    • Zhao L
    • Liu Y
    • Chen H
    • Jin Y
    • Zhu B
    • Wei Y