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Taxonomy Layers to Condition Chart

Data based on PubMed articles.

I want to see how various bacteria are assoicated with multiple conditions.

For lines going to Conditions For lines between layers -- it is the count of how many child elements are associated at each layer.

Based on these studies

  1. Cross sectional evaluation of the gut-microbiome metabolome axis in an Italian cohort of IBD patients.
    Scientific reports (Sci Rep ) Vol: 7 Issue 1 Pages: 9523
    Pub: 2017 Aug 25 Epub: 2017 Aug 25
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  2. The Presence of Genotoxic and/or Pro-inflammatory Bacterial Genes in Gut Metagenomic Databases and Their Possible Link With Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.
    Frontiers in genetics (Front Genet ) Vol: 9 Issue Pages: 116
    Pub: 2018 Epub: 2018 Apr 10
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