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Taxonomy Layers to Condition Chart

Data based on PubMed articles.

I want to see how various bacteria are assoicated with multiple conditions.

For lines going to Conditions For lines between layers -- it is the count of how many child elements are associated at each layer.

Based on these studies

  1. Gut Microbiota Dysbiosis Drives and Implies Novel Therapeutic Strategies for Diabetes Mellitus and Related Metabolic Diseases
    Frontiers in Immunology (Front Immunol ) Vol: 8 Issue Pages: 1882
    Pub: 2017 Dec 20 Epub: 2017 Dec 20
    • Li X
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  2. Wheat-derived arabinoxylan oligosaccharides with bifidogenic properties abolishes metabolic disorders induced by western diet in mice.
    Nutrition & diabetes (Nutr Diabetes ) Vol: 8 Issue 1 Pages: 15
    Pub: 2018 Mar 7 Epub: 2018 Mar 7
    • Neyrinck AM
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