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Taxonomy Layers to Condition Chart

Data based on PubMed articles.

I want to see how various bacteria are assoicated with multiple conditions.

For lines going to Conditions For lines between layers -- it is the count of how many child elements are associated at each layer.

Based on these studies

  1. Differences in gut microbiome composition between persons with chronic schizophrenia and healthy comparison subjects.
    Schizophrenia research (Schizophr Res ) Vol: Issue Pages:
    Pub: 2018 Sep 26 Epub: 2018 Sep 26
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  2. The role of microbiota in the pathogenesis of schizophrenia and major depressive disorder and the possibility of targeting microbiota as a treatment option
    Oncotarget (Oncotarget ) Vol: 8 Issue 59 Pages: 100899-100907
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