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  1. Antibacterial activity of different parts of Peganum harmala L. growing in Iran against multi-drug resistant bacteria.
    EXCLI journal (EXCLI J ) Vol: 10 Issue Pages: 252-263
    Pub: 2011 Epub: 2011 Nov 25
    • Darabpour E
    • Poshtkouhian Bavi A
    • Motamedi H
    • Seyyed Nejad SM

  2. Antibacterial activity in spices and local medicinal plants against clinical isolates of Karachi, Pakistan.
    Pharmaceutical biology (Pharm Biol ) Vol: 49 Issue 8 Pages: 833-9
    Pub: 2011 Aug Epub: 2011 Apr 18
    • Ali NH
    • Faizi S
    • Kazmi SU

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