Partial list of Citations used for Recommendations or Conditions

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  1. Purification and characteristics of a novel bacteriocin produced by Enterococcus faecalis L11 isolated from Chinese traditional fermented cucumber.
    Biotechnology letters (Biotechnol Lett ) Vol: 38 Issue 5 Pages: 871-6
    Pub: 2016 May Epub: 2016 Feb 13
    • Gao Y
    • Li B
    • Li D
    • Zhang L

  2. [Mixed culture of Enterococcus faecium SF 68 with pathogenic intestinal bacterial strains].
    Giornale di batteriologia, virologia ed immunologia (G Batteriol Virol Immunol ) Vol: 83 Issue 1-12 Pages: 150-5
    Pub: 1990 Jan-Dec Epub:
    • Cavallo G
    • Martinetto P
    • Gismondo MR
    • Chisari G
    • Nicoletti G

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