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  2. Bovine milk oligosaccharides decrease gut permeability and improve inflammation and microbial dysbiosis in diet-induced obese mice.
    Journal of dairy science (J Dairy Sci ) Vol: 100 Issue 4 Pages: 2471-2481
    Pub: 2017 Apr Epub: 2017 Jan 26
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  3. Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) and Galactooligosaccharide (GOS) Increase Bifidobacterium but Reduce Butyrate Producing Bacteria with Adverse Glycemic Metabolism in healthy young population.
    Scientific reports (Sci Rep ) Vol: 7 Issue 1 Pages: 11789
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  4. Dietary Isomers of Sialyllactose Increase Ganglioside Sialic Acid Concentrations in the Corpus Callosum and Cerebellum and Modulate the Colonic Microbiota of Formula-Fed Piglets.
    The Journal of nutrition (J Nutr ) Vol: 146 Issue 2 Pages: 200-8
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