Butyricimonas sp. 214-4 (species)

Other Names: Butyricimonas sp. 214-4

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I want to know what End Products this bacteria produces

  • Butyrate
  • Isobutyric acid


There are 0 interactions reported from conventional science, and 11 interactions from citizen science.

I would like to know about this bacteria's

From Citizen Science

  1. Associated with Official Diagnosis: Irritable Bowel Syndrome(1) to be High

I would like to know what can change the quality that I have

You can compare microbiome impact of these by checking the desired items (try keeping the numbers below six(6) and clicking

General Substance Specific Substance Effect
bacillus probiotics bacillus amyloliquefaciens (probiotic) Increases
berberine supplement berberine Increases
Drug metformin Increases
Food (excluding seasonings) ku ding cha tea Increases
pomegranate (fruit, juice etc) Increases
safflower oil Increases
gallic acid and tannins ku ding cha tea Increases
Herb or Spice Carthamus tinctorius L (Safflower) Decreases
Sijunzi decoction Increases
lactobacillus kefiri probiotics lactobacillus kefiri (NOT KEFIR) Decreases
lactobacillus probiotics - not specific lactobacillus kefiri (NOT KEFIR) Decreases
metformin (prescription) metformin (prescription) Increases
Miscellaneous, food additives, and other odd items berberine Increases
not classified atorvastatin (prescription) Increases
manooligosaccharides Decreases
statins (prescription) Increases
pomegranate fruit pomegranate (fruit, juice etc) Increases
Probiotics bacillus amyloliquefaciens (probiotic) Increases
lactobacillus kefiri (NOT KEFIR) Decreases
safflower herb safflower oil Increases
teas ku ding cha tea Increases


Seen in 280 Sample 1006 Mean 2696.55 StandardDeviation 3453.73 Variance Skewness 2.61 Kurtosis 8.13 High Outlier 9171
Lowest 18 6%ile 123 12%ile 196 19%ile 326 25% 495 31%ile 669 38%ile 918 44%ile 1261 Median 1589 56%ile 1938 63%ile 2263 69%ile 2831 75%ile 3521 81%ile 4419 87%ile 5433 94%ile 7925 Highest 20647


Seen in 1 Sample 8 Mean 175 StandardDeviation Variance Skewness Kurtosis High Outlier 175
Lowest 175 6%ile 175 12%ile 175 19%ile 175 25% 175 31%ile 175 38%ile 175 44%ile 175 Median 175 56%ile 175 63%ile 175 69%ile 175 75%ile 175 81%ile 175 87%ile 175 94%ile 175 Highest 175

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