JCM 5671 (species)

Other Names: "Streptoccocus de la mammite" Nocard and Mollereau 1887 | "Streptococcus agalactiae contagiosae" Kitt 1893 | "Streptococcus mastitidis" Migula 1900 | ATCC 13813 | ATCC 51487 [[Streptococcus difficilis corrig. Eldar et al. 1995]] | CCUG 4208 | CIP 103227 | CIP 103768 [[Streptococcus difficilis corrig. Eldar et al. 1995]] | DSM 2134 | JCM 5671 | LMG 14694 | LMG 15977 [[Streptococcus difficilis corrig. Eldar et al. 1995]] | LMG:14694 | LMG:15977 [[Streptococcus difficilis corrig. Eldar et al. 1995]] | NCTC 8181 | strain ND 2-22 [[Streptococcus difficilis corrig. Eldar et al. 1995]] | Streptoccocus de la mammite | Streptococcus agalactiae | Streptococcus agalactiae contagiosae | Streptococcus agalactiae Lehmann and Neumann 1896 | Streptococcus difficile | Streptococcus difficilis | Streptococcus difficilis corrig. Eldar et al. 1995 | Streptococcus mastitidis |

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I would like to know about this bacteria's

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General Substance Specific Substance Effect
aloe vera aloe vera Decreases
Antibiotics, Antivirals etc Fersis Bacteriophage Decreases
PYO Bacteriophage Decreases
SES bacteriophage Decreases
berberine supplement berberine Decreases
cinnamon powder or oil cinnamon (oil. spice) Decreases
coconut products monolaurin Decreases
Food (excluding seasonings) navy bean Decreases
xylaria hypoxylon (fungi) Decreases
fungus xylaria hypoxylon (fungi) Decreases
garlic garlic (allium sativum) Decreases
Herb or Spice aloe vera Decreases
cinnamon (oil. spice) Decreases
garlic (allium sativum) Decreases
lemongrass oil Decreases
peppermint (spice, oil) Decreases
thyme (thymol, thyme oil) Decreases
hyoscyamine (tomato) foods hyocyamine(daturine) Decreases
lemongrass herb lemongrass oil Decreases
mint herb peppermint (spice, oil) Decreases
Miscellaneous, food additives, and other odd items berberine Decreases
hyocyamine(daturine) Decreases
monolaurin Decreases
not classified proton-pump inhibitors (prescription) Increases
Phages Fersis Bacteriophage Decreases
PYO Bacteriophage Decreases
SES bacteriophage Decreases
Prebiotics and similar resistant starch Decreases
pulse / legumes navy bean Decreases
resistant starch resistant starch Decreases
steva sugar stevia Decreases
Sugar and similar stevia Decreases
thyme herb thyme (thymol, thyme oil) Decreases

I want to know what End Products this bacteria produces


Seen in 2 Sample 9 Mean 27 StandardDeviation 0 Variance 0 Skewness Kurtosis High Outlier 27
Lowest 27 6%ile 27 12%ile 27 19%ile 27 25% 27 31%ile 27 38%ile 27 44%ile 27 Median 27 56%ile 27 63%ile 27 69%ile 27 75%ile 27 81%ile 27 87%ile 27 94%ile 27 Highest 27


Seen in 47 Sample 943 Mean 963.34 StandardDeviation 2648.19 Variance Skewness 4 Kurtosis 16.4 High Outlier 6318.5
Lowest 1 6%ile 18 12%ile 23 19%ile 52 25% 64 31%ile 68 38%ile 92 44%ile 96 Median 127 56%ile 164 63%ile 244 69%ile 300 75%ile 492 81%ile 575 87%ile 1268 94%ile 4635 Highest 13929

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