Details about DSM 10

Other Names: "Vibrio subtilis" Ehrenberg 1835 Arthrobacter sp. CHR2P1B1-M ATCC 6051 ATCC 6051-U Bacillus mesentericus Bacillus natto Bacillus sp. 10405 Bacillus sp. 15:2 Bacillus sp. AECSB01 Bacillus sp. AECSB04 Bacillus sp. AECSB05 Bacillus sp. AECSB06 Bacillus sp. AECSB07 Bacillus sp. AECSB08 Bacillus sp. AECSB12 Bacillus sp. AECSB13 Bacillus sp. AECSB14 Bacillus sp. BS4(2013) Bacillus sp. BS9(2013) Bacillus sp. BV3 Bacillus sp. BV5 Bacillus sp. HE08 Bacillus sp. JKR21 Bacillus sp. LB002 Bacillus sp. LKM-BL Bacillus sp. PW16b Bacillus sp. PW19 Bacillus sp. RSP-GLU Bacillus sp. S2 BC-1 Bacillus sp. SWI06 Bacillus sp. UMX-03 Bacillus subtilis Bacillus subtilis (Ehrenberg 1835) Cohn 1872 Bacillus subtilis/Bacillus globigii Bacillus uniflagellatus BCRC 10255 Brevibacillus sp. BHR3P2B5-M CCM 2216 CCRC 10255 CCRC:10255 CCUG 163 B CFBP 4228 CIP 52.65 DSM 10 IAM 12118 IFO 13719 IFO 16412 IMET 10758 JCM 1465 LMG 7135 LMG:7135 NBRC 13719 NBRC 16412 NCAIM B.01095 NCCB 32009 NCCB 53016 NCCB 70064 NCDO 1769 NCIB 3610 NCIB:3610 NCIMB 3610 NCTC 3610 NRRL B-4219 NRRL NRS-1315 NRRL NRS-744 PNCM 1514 strain 168 Vibrio subtilis VKM B-501

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  • 2,3-Butanediol
  • Dopamine
  • Noradrenaline
  • Pyridoxine (B6)

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General Substance Specific Substance Effect
berberine supplement berberine Decreases
chili peppers red chiles (Capsicum) Decreases
cinnamon powder or oil cinnamon (oil. spice) Decreases
clove herb syzygium aromaticum (clove) Decreases
coconut products glycerol monolaurate (Monolaurin) Decreases
enterococcus faecium probiotics enterococcus faecium (probiotic) Decreases
fermented foods kefir Decreases
Food (excluding seasonings) bean Decreases
kefir Decreases
papaya Decreases
soy Decreases
xylaria hypoxylon (fungi) Decreases
fruit papaya Decreases
fungus xylaria hypoxylon (fungi) Decreases
gallic acid and tannins gallic acid (food additive) Decreases
herb hypericum scabrum herb Decreases
jatropha curcas linn. (euphorbiaceae) Decreases
schinus molle (herb) Decreases
sesuvium portulacastrum herb Decreases
vitex negundo (herb) Decreases
xylopia aethiopica (herb) Decreases
Herb or Spice cinnamon (oil. spice) Decreases
fennel Decreases
hypericum scabrum herb Decreases
jatropha curcas linn. (euphorbiaceae) Decreases
oregano (origanum vulgare, oil) | Decreases
red chiles (Capsicum) Decreases
salvia officinalis (sage) Decreases
schinus molle (herb) Decreases
sesuvium portulacastrum herb Decreases
syzygium aromaticum (clove) Decreases
turmeric (curcuma longa, Curcumin) Decreases
vitex negundo (herb) Decreases
xylopia aethiopica (herb) Decreases
Miscellaneous, food additives, and other odd items berberine Decreases
Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) Increases
gallic acid (food additive) Decreases
glycerol monolaurate (Monolaurin) Decreases
not classified atropine (prescription) Decreases
bacillus laterosporus (probiotic) Decreases
bandicoot berry(leea indica) Decreases
bifidobacterium bifidum (probiotics) Decreases
Gallic acid Decreases
Hawthorn [Crataegus monogyna Jacq. and Crataegus oxyacantha L] Decreases
Immortelle(helichrysum italicum) Decreases
Indian Olive(olea ferruginea royle) Decreases
thyme Decreases
oregano herb oregano (origanum vulgare, oil) | Decreases
phytonutrient fennel Decreases
Probiotics enterococcus faecium (probiotic) Decreases
Prescript Assist (Original Formula) Increases
pulse / legumes bean Decreases
saccharin sugar saccharin Decreases
sage herb salvia officinalis (sage) Decreases
Soil Based Organisms (not all Bacillus) Prescript Assist (Original Formula) Increases
soy soy Decreases
Sugar and similar saccharin Decreases
turmeric herb turmeric (curcuma longa, Curcumin) Decreases

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