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Senegalimassilia (genus)

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Count Frequency Min when seen 25th %ile Average Median (50%ile) Most Common Value 75th %ile/th> Max when seen Stand Dev Variance Skewness Kurtosis
213 26.5% 17.0 667.5 2551.0 1574.5 31.0 2948.5 38257.0 3898.8 15200943.1 5.0 36.1

I would like to know about this bacteria's

Most Common Symptoms loosely Associated (Citizen Science)

  1. Above Average levels weakly associated with Neurocognitive: Absent-mindedness or forgetfulness
  2. Above Average levels weakly associated with Neurocognitive: Brain Fog

I would like to know what can change the quality that I have

You can compare microbiome impact of these by checking the desired items (try keeping the numbers below six(6) and clicking

General Substance Specific Substance Effect
flavonoids, polyphenols etc quercetin and resveratrol Decreases
herb Slippery Elm Increases
Herb or Spice triphala Increases
Miscellaneous, food additives, and other odd items partial sleep deprivation Increases
oligosaccharide (prebiotic) sialyllactose (oligosaccharide ) (prebiotic) Increases
Prebiotics and similar sialyllactose (oligosaccharide ) (prebiotic) Increases
pulse / legumes raffinose(sugar beet) Increases
quercetin supplement quercetin and resveratrol Decreases
resveratrol quercetin and resveratrol Decreases
sleep deprivation partial sleep deprivation Increases
Sugar and similar raffinose(sugar beet) Increases
triphala herb mixture triphala Increases
whole grains raffinose(sugar beet) Increases

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