Details about Erysipelatoclostridium ramosum

Other Names: "Bacillus ramosus" Veillon and Zuber 1898 "Erysipelatoclostridium ramosum" Yutin and Galperin 2013 "Nocardia ramosa" Vuillemin 1931 "Ramibacterium ramosum" (Veillon and Zuber 1898) Prevot 1938 ATCC 25582 Bacillus ramosus BCRC 14518 CCRC 14518 CCRC:14518 CCUG 24038 Clostridium ramosum Clostridium ramosum (Veillon and Zuber 1898) Holdeman et al. 1971 DSM 1402 Erysipelatoclostridium ramosum JCM 1298 NCIMB 10673 NCTC 11812 Nocardia ramosa Ramibacterium ramosum VPI 0427

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I want to know what End Products this bacteria produces

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From Citizen Science

  1. Associated with Comorbid: Snoring (NOT Sleep Apnea(1) to be High

From Published Science

  1. Atherosclerosis reported from 1 studies to be High
  2. Fibromyalgia reported from 1 studies to be High
  3. Liver Cirrhosis reported from 1 studies to be High
  4. Type 2 Diabetes reported from 1 studies to be High

I would like to know what can change the quality that I have

You can compare microbiome impact of these by checking the desired items (try keeping the numbers below six(6) and clicking

General Substance Specific Substance Effect
algae supplements brown algae Increases
dairy milk fats dairy Increases
flaxseed linseed(flaxseed) Decreases
Food (excluding seasonings) brown algae Increases
dairy Increases
linseed(flaxseed) Decreases
herb Slippery Elm Increases
Herb or Spice glycyrrhizic acid (licorice) Increases
triphala Increases
liquorice herb glycyrrhizic acid (licorice) Increases
Miscellaneous, food additives, and other odd items partial sleep deprivation Increases
not classified flaxseed Decreases
licorice Increases
Titanium Dioxide (E171) (TiO2) Increases
sleep deprivation partial sleep deprivation Increases
triphala herb mixture triphala Increases

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