Details about Acidobacteriia

Other Names: Actinobacteria Actinobacteria Stackebrandt et al. 1997 Actinobacteria Stackebrandt et al. 1997 emend. Nouioui et al. 2018 Actinobacteridae Actinobacteridae Stackebrandt et al. 1997 emend. Zhi et al. 2009 Actinomycetes Actinomycetes Krasil'nikov 1949 high G+C Gram-positive bacteria high GC Gram+ High GC gram-positive bacteria

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From Citizen Science

  1. Associated with Immune Manifestations: Mucus in the stool(1) to be Low
  2. Associated with Neurocognitive: Brain Fog(1) to be Low
  3. Associated with Neurological-Sleep: Sleep Apnea(1) to be High
  4. Associated with Blood Type: O Positive(1) to be Low
  5. Associated with Age: 60-70(1) to be Low

From Published Science

  1. ADHD reported from 1 studies to be High
  2. Allergies reported from 1 studies to be High
  3. Multiple Sclerosis reported from 1 studies to be High
  4. Rheumatoid arthritis reported from 1 studies to be High
  5. Depression reported from 1 studies to be Low
  6. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus reported from 1 studies to be Low

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General Substance Specific Substance Effect
alcohol alcohol Increases
Amino Acid and similar Conjugated Linoleic Acid Increases
l-glutamine Increases
polymannuronic acid Increases
Antibiotics, Antivirals etc macrolide (antibiotics) Decreases
minocycline antibiotics Increases
penicillin-moxalactam antibiotics Increases
piperacillin-tazobactam antibiotics Increases
trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole Decreases
trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole antibiotics Decreases
bacillus probiotics Bacillus subtilis group (Probiotics) Decreases
bacillus subtilis probiotic Bacillus subtilis group (Probiotics) Decreases
barley barley Increases
berberine supplement berberine Decreases
beta-glucan foods barley Increases
beta-lactam antibiotics (prescription) piperacillin-tazobactam antibiotics Increases
bile supplements bile (acid/salts) Decreases
Bismuth Bismuth Salts Decreases
butyrate supplements sodium butyrate Decreases
Diet Style high-fat diets Decreases
high-saturated fat diet Decreases
low fodmap diet Increases
dietary fiber non-starch polysaccharides Increases
fodmap diet low fodmap diet Decreases
Food (excluding seasonings) alcohol Increases
barley Increases
fish oil Increases
pomegranate (fruit, juice etc) Increases
gallic acid and tannins gallic acid (food additive) Increases
glutamine amino acid l-glutamine Increases
high fat diet high-fat diets Decreases
high-saturated fat diet Decreases
macrolide antibiotics (prescription) macrolide (antibiotics) Decreases
Miscellaneous, food additives, and other odd items berberine Decreases
bile (acid/salts) Decreases
Bismuth Salts Decreases
gallic acid (food additive) Increases
smoking Decreases
sodium butyrate Decreases
not classified avocado peel Increases
bifidobacterium bifidum (probiotics) Increases
Goji (berry,juice) Increases
helminth infection (prescription) Increases
pomegranate Increases
Rhubarb Peony Decoction Increases
Whole Milk Increases
oligosaccharide (prebiotic) 2’-Fucosyllactose Increases
omega 3 supplements fish oil Increases
penicillins antibiotics (prescription) penicillin-moxalactam antibiotics Increases
polymannuronate hydrolase supplement polymannuronic acid Increases
pomegranate fruit pomegranate (fruit, juice etc) Increases
Prebiotics and similar 2’-Fucosyllactose Increases
resistant starch Increases
Probiotics Bacillus subtilis group (Probiotics) Decreases
Prescript Assist (2018 Formula) Increases
raffinose foods bile (acid/salts) Decreases
resistant starch resistant starch Increases
Soil Based Organisms (not all Bacillus) Prescript Assist (2018 Formula) Increases
Sugar and similar non-starch polysaccharides Increases
tetracycline family antibiotics (prescription) minocycline antibiotics Increases
trimethoprim antibiotics (prescription) trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole antibiotics Decreases
Vitamins, Minerals and similar vitamin b7 biotin (supplement) (vitamin B7) Increases

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