Mitsuokella sp. DJF_RR21 (species)

Other Names: Mitsuokella sp. DJF_RR21

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General Substance Specific Substance Effect
arabinoxylan (prebiotic) arabinoxylan oligosaccharides (prebiotic) Increases
dairy milk fats whey Increases
Diet Style moderate-protein moderate-carbohydrate Increases
Food (excluding seasonings) whey Increases
lactobacillus probiotics - not specific lactobacillus reuteri (probiotics) Increases
lactobacillus reuteri probiotics lactobacillus reuteri (probiotics) Increases
mediterranean diet moderate-protein moderate-carbohydrate Increases
oligosaccharide (prebiotic) arabinoxylan oligosaccharides (prebiotic) Increases
fructan (prebiotic) Increases
Prebiotics and similar arabinoxylan oligosaccharides (prebiotic) Increases
fructan (prebiotic) Increases
Probiotics lactobacillus reuteri (probiotics) Increases


Seen in 1 Sample 1002 Mean 1619 StandardDeviation Variance Skewness Kurtosis High Outlier 1619
Lowest 1619 6%ile 1619 12%ile 1619 19%ile 1619 25% 1619 31%ile 1619 38%ile 1619 44%ile 1619 Median 1619 56%ile 1619 63%ile 1619 69%ile 1619 75%ile 1619 81%ile 1619 87%ile 1619 94%ile 1619 Highest 1619

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