Bacteroidaeota (phylum)

Other Names: Bacteroidaeota | Bacteroidaeota Oren et al. 2015 | Bacteroides-Cytophaga-Flexibacter group | Bacteroidetes | Bacteroidetes Krieg et al. 2012 | Bacteroidota | BCF group | CFB group | CFB group bacteria | Cytophaga-Flexibacter-Bacteroides phylum |

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I would like to know about this bacteria's

From Citizen Science

  1. Association with Neuroendocrine Manifestations: intolerance of extremes of heat and cold
  2. Strong Association with Comorbid-Mouth: Dry Mouth
  3. Association with Comorbid-Mouth: Bruxism - Jaw cleanching / Teeth grinding
  4. Very Strong Association with Onset: 2010-2020
  5. Association with Sleep: Problems staying asleep
  6. Association with Neuroendocrine: Lost or gained weight without trying
  7. Strong Association with Neurocognitive: Difficulty paying attention for a long period of time
  8. Association with Neurocognitive: Difficulty understanding things
  9. Very Strong Association with Post-exertional malaise: Post-exertional malaise
  10. Strong Association with Post-exertional malaise: Worsening of symptoms after mild physical activity
  11. Very Strong Association with Post-exertional malaise: Difficulty reading after mild physical or mental activity
  12. Very Strong Association with Official Diagnosis: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  13. Association with Official Diagnosis: Ulcerative colitis

From Published Science

  1. Autism reported from 2 studies
  2. Chronic Kidney Disease reported from 1 studies
  3. Crohn's Disease reported from 1 studies
  4. Gastro-esophageal reflux disease (Gerd) reported from 1 studies
  5. Gout reported from 1 studies
  6. Inflammatory Bowel Disease reported from 1 studies
  7. Juvenile idiopathic arthritis reported from 1 studies
  8. Multiple Sclerosis reported from 1 studies
  9. neuropsychiatric disorders (PANDAS, PANS) reported from 1 studies
  10. Parkinson's Disease reported from 1 studies
  11. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus reported from 1 studies
  12. Type 1 Diabetes reported from 1 studies
  13. Ulcerative colitis reported from 1 studies

I would like to know what can change the quality that I have

You can compare microbiome impact of these by checking the desired items (try keeping the numbers below six(6) and clicking

General Substance Specific Substance Effect
Amino Acid and similar Conjugated Linoleic Acid Increases
genistein Increases
l-glutamine Increases
melatonin supplement Increases
polymannuronic acid Decreases
Antibiotics, Antivirals etc azithromycin antibiotics Decreases
doxycycline and hydroxychloroquine antibiotics Decreases
doxycycline antibiotics Increases
florfenicol antibiotics Decreases
macrolide (antibiotics) Increases
minocycline antibiotics Decreases
penicillin-moxalactam antibiotics Decreases
piperacillin-tazobactam antibiotics Increases
rifaximin antibiotics Increases
tetracycline antibiotics Increases
arabinogalactan (gums) (prebiotic) gum arabic (prebiotic) Increases
bacillus probiotics Bacillus subtilis group (Probiotics) Decreases
bacillus subtilis probiotic Bacillus subtilis group (Probiotics) Decreases
barley barley Decreases
berberine supplement berberine Increases
beta-glucan foods barley Decreases
ß-glucan Decreases
beta-lactam antibiotics (prescription) piperacillin-tazobactam antibiotics Increases
bile supplements bile (acid/salts) Decreases
Bismuth Bismuth Salts Decreases
brown rice brown rice Decreases
chili peppers capsaicin (hot pepper) Decreases
chitosan supplements chitosan (sugar) Increases
chloramphenicol family antibiotics (prescription) florfenicol antibiotics Decreases
chrysanthemum morifolium herb chrysanthemum morifolium Decreases
clostridium butyricum probiotics clostridium butyricum (probiotics) Decreases
cocoa cacoa Increases
daesiho-tang herb daesiho-tang Increases
dairy milk fats dairy Decreases
whey Increases
Diet Style high fiber diet Increases
high-fat diets Decreases
mediterranean diet Decreases
vegetable/fruit juice-based diets Increases
Drug florfenicol Decreases
omega-3 fatty acids Increases
vegetarians Increases
enterococcus faecium probiotics enterococcus faecium (probiotic) Decreases
flavonoid supplements genistein Increases
flavonoids, polyphenols etc resveratrol (grape seed/polyphenols/red wine) Increases
flaxseed linseed(flaxseed) Increases
Food (excluding seasonings) apple Decreases
barley Decreases
brown rice Decreases
cacoa Increases
capsaicin (hot pepper) Decreases
dairy Decreases
ganoderma lucidum mycelium Increases
linseed(flaxseed) Increases
oolong teas Increases
pea (fiber, protein) Decreases
refined wheat breads Decreases
salt (sodium chloride) Decreases
tea Increases
walnuts Decreases
wheat bran Increases
whey Increases
white button mushrooms Increases
whole-grain wheat Increases
fruit apple Decreases
fungus ganoderma lucidum mycelium Increases
white button mushrooms Increases
gallic acid and tannins oolong teas Increases
persimmon tannin Increases
tannic acid Decreases
tea Increases
glutamine amino acid l-glutamine Increases
gynostemma pentaphyllum herb gynostemma pentaphyllum (Jiaogulan) Increases
herb fenugreek Increases
polygonatum kingianum(Orange Flower Solomon's Seal.) Decreases
Herb or Spice chrysanthemum morifolium Decreases
daesiho-tang Increases
fenugreek Increases
gynostemma pentaphyllum (Jiaogulan) Increases
persimmon tannin Increases
polygonatum kingianum(Orange Flower Solomon's Seal.) Decreases
rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) Decreases
schisandra chinensis(magnolia berry or five-flavor-fruit) Increases
tannic acid Decreases
high fat diet high-fat diets Decreases
high fiber diet high fiber diet Increases
inulin prebiotics inulin (prebiotic) Decreases
lactobacillus casei probiotics lactobacillus casei (probiotics) Increases
lactobacillus fermentum probiotics lactobacillus fermentum (probiotics) Increases
lactobacillus plantarum probiotics lactobacillus plantarum (probiotics) Decreases
lactobacillus probiotics - not specific lactobacillus casei (probiotics) Increases
lactobacillus fermentum (probiotics) Increases
lactobacillus plantarum (probiotics) Decreases
lactobacillus rhamnosus (probiotics) Increases
lactobacillus rhamnosus probiotics lactobacillus rhamnosus (probiotics) Increases
low/no meat diet vegetable/fruit juice-based diets Increases
vegetarians Increases
macrolide antibiotics (prescription) azithromycin antibiotics Decreases
macrolide (antibiotics) Increases
mediterranean diet mediterranean diet Decreases
melatonin supplement melatonin supplement Increases
Miscellaneous, food additives, and other odd items berberine Increases
bile (acid/salts) Decreases
Bismuth Salts Decreases
partial sleep deprivation Decreases
smoking Increases
not classified bacillus subtilis (probiotics) Decreases
brassica juncea Decreases
glyphosate Decreases
helminth infection (prescription) Increases
high salt Decreases
mulberry fruit polysaccharide Increases
oolong tea polyphenols Increases
proton-pump inhibitors (prescription) Decreases
purple sweet potatoes Increases
Resveratrol Increases
Rhubarb Peony Decoction Decreases
Vitamin B-12 (Cyanocobalamin) Increases
oligosaccharide (prebiotic) oligofructose (prebiotic) Increases
olive oil mediterranean diet Decreases
omega 3 supplements omega-3 fatty acids Increases
penicillins antibiotics (prescription) penicillin-moxalactam antibiotics Decreases
polymannuronate hydrolase supplement polymannuronic acid Decreases
Prebiotics and similar gum arabic (prebiotic) Increases
inulin (prebiotic) Decreases
oligofructose (prebiotic) Increases
ß-glucan Decreases
Probiotics Bacillus subtilis group (Probiotics) Decreases
clostridium butyricum (probiotics) Decreases
enterococcus faecium (probiotic) Decreases
lactobacillus casei (probiotics) Increases
lactobacillus fermentum (probiotics) Increases
lactobacillus plantarum (probiotics) Decreases
lactobacillus rhamnosus (probiotics) Increases
saccharomyces boulardii (probiotics) Increases
raffinose foods bile (acid/salts) Decreases
resveratrol resveratrol (grape seed/polyphenols/red wine) Increases
rifamycin family antibiotic rifaximin antibiotics Increases
rosemary herb rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) Decreases
saccharomyces probiotics saccharomyces boulardii (probiotics) Increases
salt salt (sodium chloride) Decreases
schisandra chinensis herb schisandra chinensis(magnolia berry or five-flavor-fruit) Increases
sleep deprivation partial sleep deprivation Decreases
Sugar and similar chitosan (sugar) Increases
xylitol Increases
teas oolong teas Increases
tea Increases
tetracycline family antibiotics (prescription) doxycycline and hydroxychloroquine antibiotics Decreases
doxycycline antibiotics Increases
minocycline antibiotics Decreases
tetracycline antibiotics Increases
vet: animal-targeted drugs (prescription) florfenicol Decreases
Vitamins, Minerals and similar vitamin a Decreases
vitamin d Increases
walnuts nuts walnuts Decreases
wheat refined wheat breads Decreases
wheat bran Increases
whole-grain wheat Increases
whole grains refined wheat breads Increases
xylitol sugar xylitol Increases
yellow pea pea (fiber, protein) Decreases

I want to know what End Products this bacteria produces

genital (f)

Seen in 5 Sample 4 Mean 26341.4 StandardDeviation 27343.97 Variance Skewness 0.55 Kurtosis -3.24 High Outlier 56085
Lowest 1976 6%ile 1976 12%ile 1976 19%ile 1976 25% 6439 31%ile 6439 38%ile 6439 44%ile 11122 Median 11122 56%ile 11122 63%ile 56085 69%ile 56085 75%ile 56085 81%ile 56085 87%ile 56085 94%ile 56085 Highest 56085


Seen in 9 Sample 9 Mean 34459.67 StandardDeviation 77048.7 Variance Skewness 2.92 Kurtosis 8.63 High Outlier 342640.5
Lowest 225 6%ile 225 12%ile 1625 19%ile 1625 25% 2934 31%ile 2934 38%ile 4223 44%ile 4223 Median 7234 56%ile 10117 63%ile 10117 69%ile 15260 75%ile 15260 81%ile 30069 87%ile 30069 94%ile 238450 Highest 238450


Seen in 4 Sample 4 Mean 1064 StandardDeviation 353.14 Variance 124708.67 Skewness -1.11 Kurtosis 0.02 High Outlier 1338
Lowest 584 6%ile 584 12%ile 584 19%ile 584 25% 1013 31%ile 1013 38%ile 1013 44%ile 1013 Median 1321 56%ile 1321 63%ile 1321 69%ile 1321 75%ile 1338 81%ile 1338 87%ile 1338 94%ile 1338 Highest 1338

genital (m)

Seen in 2 Sample 2 Mean 89881 StandardDeviation 97906 Variance Skewness Kurtosis High Outlier 159111
Lowest 20651 6%ile 20651 12%ile 20651 19%ile 20651 25% 20651 31%ile 20651 38%ile 20651 44%ile 20651 Median 159111 56%ile 159111 63%ile 159111 69%ile 159111 75%ile 159111 81%ile 159111 87%ile 159111 94%ile 159111 Highest 159111


Seen in 836 Sample 943 Mean 344654.17 StandardDeviation 129127.48 Variance Skewness -0.32 Kurtosis 0.15 High Outlier 535288.5
Lowest 47 6%ile 132612 12%ile 195637 19%ile 235546 25% 262912 31%ile 291052 38%ile 319573 44%ile 338361 Median 356460 56%ile 375151 63%ile 390046 69%ile 412943 75%ile 433378 81%ile 456197 87%ile 482217 94%ile 517598 Highest 702064


Seen in 1 Sample 1 Mean 299503 StandardDeviation Variance Skewness Kurtosis High Outlier 299503
Lowest 299503 6%ile 299503 12%ile 299503 19%ile 299503 25% 299503 31%ile 299503 38%ile 299503 44%ile 299503 Median 299503 56%ile 299503 63%ile 299503 69%ile 299503 75%ile 299503 81%ile 299503 87%ile 299503 94%ile 299503 Highest 299503


Seen in 1 Sample 1 Mean 180854 StandardDeviation Variance Skewness Kurtosis High Outlier 180854
Lowest 180854 6%ile 180854 12%ile 180854 19%ile 180854 25% 180854 31%ile 180854 38%ile 180854 44%ile 180854 Median 180854 56%ile 180854 63%ile 180854 69%ile 180854 75%ile 180854 81%ile 180854 87%ile 180854 94%ile 180854 Highest 180854


Seen in 7 Sample 8 Mean 159232.43 StandardDeviation 104145.05 Variance Skewness 0.29 Kurtosis -1.57 High Outlier 293081
Lowest 28979 6%ile 28979 12%ile 28979 19%ile 80115 25% 80115 31%ile 81356 38%ile 81356 44%ile 150331 Median 150331 56%ile 150331 63%ile 192312 69%ile 192312 75%ile 288453 81%ile 288453 87%ile 293081 94%ile 293081 Highest 293081

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