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We extend modifiers to include items that changes the parent and child taxa. I.e. for a species, that would be the genus that is belongs to and the strains in the species.

📓 - direct citation | 👪 - Impacts Parent Taxa | 👶 - Impacts Child Taxa | 🧙 - Inferred
Taxonomy Rank Effect Citations
Desulfovibrionaceae family Increases 📓 Source Study
Desulfobaculum genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Desulfohalovibrio genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Lawsonia genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Pseudodesulfovibrio genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Bilophila genus Increases 📓 Source Study
Bilophila sp. species Increases 👪 Source Study
Bilophila sp. 4_1_30 species Increases 📓 Source Study
Bilophila wadsworthia species Increases 📓 Source Study

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