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drinking alcohol ** full range

(alcohocel 70, alcohol 70 cl benz betam, alcohol 70 poten maxfarm, alcohol 70 viviar, alcohol 96 cl benz betam, alcohol 96 cuve con cetilpiridinio, alcohol 96 poten maxfarm, alcohol alcanforado cuve, alcohol alcanforado orravan, alcohol alcanforado viviar, alcohol benzalconio vivi, alcohol potenciado viviar, alkohol pharmamagist 80%, alkohol-konzentrat 95% braun, beta alcanforado, betadine alcoolique 5%, biobase, biobase-g, curethyl 26%, dehydrated alcohol martindale, dehydrated alcohol sandoz, dehydrated ethanol amakasu, dehydrated ethanol daiwa, dehydrated ethanol fuso, dehydrated ethanol imazu, dehydrated ethanol kenei, dehydrated ethanol konishi, dehydrated ethanol kozakai, dehydrated ethanol maruishi, dehydrated ethanol mylan, dehydrated ethanol nikko, dehydrated ethanol nipro, dehydrated ethanol sanchemipha, dehydrated ethanol sankei, dehydrated ethanol shiseido, dehydrated ethanol sioe, dehydrated ethanol taisei, dehydrated ethanol tatsumi, dehydrated ethanol toho, dehydrated ethanol tokai, dehydrated ethanol wako chemical, dehydrated ethanol yakuhan, dehydrated ethanol yamazen, dehydrated ethanol yoshida, ecosyoueta, etha ip metal, ethalight, ethalight b, ethanol, ethanol dextrose biomed, ethanol amakasu, ethanol atol, ethanol b ip, ethanol b kenei, ethanol biomed, ethanol daiwa, ethanol for disinfection amakasu, ethanol for disinfection atol, ethanol for disinfection daiwa, ethanol for disinfection imazu, ethanol for disinfection kaneichi, ethanol for disinfection kenei, ethanol for disinfection konishi, ethanol for disinfection kozakai, ethanol for disinfection maruishi, ethanol for disinfection nakakita, ethanol for disinfection nikko, ethanol for disinfection nippon shinyaku, ethanol for disinfection nipro, ethanol for disinfection sanchemiphar, ethanol for disinfection sankei, ethanol for disinfection shiseido, ethanol for disinfection showa, ethanol for disinfection sioe, ethanol for disinfection taisei, ethanol for disinfection takasugi, ethanol for disinfection tatsumi, ethanol for disinfection toho, ethanol for disinfection tokai, ethanol for disinfection try-x, ethanol for disinfection wako chemical, ethanol for disinfection yakuhan, ethanol for disinfection yamazen, ethanol for disinfection yoshida, ethanol imazu, ethanol ip, ethanol ip tx, ethanol ipa toho, ethanol kaneichi, ethanol kenei, ethanol konishi, ethanol kozakai, ethanol maruishi, ethanol nikko, ethanol nipro, ethanol sanchemiphar, ethanol sankei, ethanol shiseido, ethanol showa, ethanol sioe, ethanol taisei, ethanol takasugi, ethanol tatsumi, ethanol toho, ethanol tokai, ethanol wako, ethanol yakuhan, ethanol yamazen, ethanol yoshida, ethaprocohol, hypo 2% al, hypo ethanol 2% atol, hypo ethanol 2% kenei, hypo ethanol 2% nichi-iko, hypo ethanol 2% nikko, hypoalcohol 2% yakuhan, o syoueta, otiborin, otiborin forte, otitex, promanum pure, sarachol, softa-man, softasept n, solutio acidi salicylici spirituosa 1%, solutio acidi salicylici spirituosa 2%, spiritus aethylicus 95% neopharmi, spiritus aethylicus medicinalis 95% tsiteli a, spiritus concentratus vulm, syoueta, alcohol 96 orravan, bemonalcool, jodieci, neomedil, spiritus aethylicus chemax pharma, spiritus aethylicus dvn, spiritus aethylicus flo, spiritus aethylicus galen-pharma, spiritus aethylicus kupro, spiritus aethylicus sz, spiritus aethylicus vt, alcohol alcanforado 10% euromed, alcohol alcanforado 10% valma, cutasept med f, spiritus dilutus vulm)


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Bacteria Impacted

The following are impacted (to sort click on column title)

Taxonomy Rank Effect Citations Links
Verrucomicrobiaceae family Decreases Source Study Bacteria also modified by
Akkermansia genus Decreases Source Study Bacteria also modified by
Akkermansia muciniphila species Decreases Source Study Bacteria also modified by

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