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Citizen Science Infered Impact

This is based on associations discovered from annotated 16s microbiome samples. See this post for more information.

SymptomFrequency FoundRelative Impact
Age: 0-10Improves-9.91
Age: 20-30Worsen3.9699999999999998
Age: 60-70Improves-9.03
Asymptomatic: No Health IssuesImproves-2.74
Autonomic Manifestations: irritable bowel syndromeImproves-4.82
Autonomic Manifestations: Orthostatic intoleranceWorsen9.78
Autonomic: Blurred or tunnel vision after standingImproves-9.72
Autonomic: Graying or blacking out after standingImproves-9.72
Autonomic: Heart rate increase after standingWorsen9.91
Autonomic: Irregular heartbeatsWorsen4.97
Autonomic: Shortness of breathImproves-4.89
Blood Type: A PositiveImproves-10.17
Blood Type: O PositiveImproves-8.03
Comorbid-Mouth: Bruxism - Jaw cleanching / Teeth grindingWorsen9.83
Comorbid-Mouth: Mouth SoresWorsen2.7
Comorbid-Mouth: TMJ / Dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint syndromeWorsen9.78
Comorbid: Constipation and Explosions (not diarrohea)Improves-11.4
Comorbid: High AnxietyImproves-8.6
Comorbid: Histamine or Mast Cell issuesImproves-10.64
Comorbid: HypothyroidismWorsen10.37
Comorbid: Inflammatory bowel disease Improves-10.56
Comorbid: Methylation issues (MTHFR)Worsen2.91
Comorbid: MigraineImproves-10.55
Comorbid: Restless LegWorsen4.45
Comorbid: Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)Worsen10.09
Comorbid: Snoring (NOT Sleep ApneaImproves-9.12
DePaul University Fatigue Questionnaire : FatigueImproves-10.12
DePaul University Fatigue Questionnaire : Impaired Memory & concentrationImproves-11
DePaul University Fatigue Questionnaire : Unrefreshing Sleep, that is waking up feeling tired Improves-9.86
Gender: FemaleImproves-9.72
Gender: MaleImproves-3.65
General: DepressionWorsen8.42
General: HeadachesWorsen8.33
General: Heavy feeling in arms and legsImproves-4.65
General: Myalgia (pain)Improves-8.17
Immune Manifestations: Abdominal PainWorsen9.45
Immune Manifestations: Alcohol IntolerantWorsen7.96
Immune Manifestations: BloatingImproves-3.98
Immune Manifestations: ConstipationWorsen10
Immune Manifestations: DiarrheaWorsen5.93
Immune Manifestations: general malaiseWorsen9.52
Immune Manifestations: Hair lossWorsen8.42
Immune Manifestations: Inflammation (General)Improves-7.7
Immune Manifestations: Inflammation of skin, eyes or jointsImproves-9.13
Immune Manifestations: medication sensitivities.Improves-4.93
Immune Manifestations: Mucus in the stoolWorsen10.38
Immune Manifestations: tender lymph nodesImproves-4.86
Immune: Tender / sore lymph nodesImproves-9.72
Infection: Epstein-Barr virusImproves-9.71
Infection: Parasite - OtherImproves-9.9
Joint: RednessWorsen5.58
Joint: Stiffness and swellingImproves-9.68
Joint: TendernessWorsen9.99
Neurocognitive: Absent-mindedness or forgetfulnessWorsen9.84
Neurocognitive: Brain FogWorsen10.07
Neurocognitive: Can only focus on one thing at a timeImproves-8.51
Neurocognitive: Difficulty paying attention for a long period of timeWorsen9.83
Neurocognitive: Problems remembering thingsWorsen9.53
Neurocognitive: Slowness of thoughtWorsen8.11
Neurocognitive: Unable to focus vision and/or attentionWorsen9.84
Neuroendocrine Manifestations: marked weight change Worsen8.4
Neuroendocrine Manifestations: Muscle weakness Worsen0
Neuroendocrine Manifestations: NeuralgiaImproves-9.97
Neuroendocrine Manifestations: Paraesthesia (tingling burning of skin)Improves-3.61
Neuroendocrine Manifestations: subnormal body temperatureWorsen9.83
Neuroendocrine Manifestations: sweating episodesWorsen4.2
Neuroendocrine Manifestations: worsening of symptoms with stress.Worsen3.67
Neuroendocrine: Alcohol intoleranceWorsen8.7
Neuroendocrine: Cold limbs (e.g. arms, legs hands)Worsen8.42
Neuroendocrine: Feeling hot or cold for no reasonWorsen2.91
Neuroendocrine: Feeling like you have a high temperatureWorsen4.45
Neuroendocrine: Feeling like you have a low temperatureWorsen9.78
Neuroendocrine: Temperature fluctuations throughout the dayWorsen4.39
Neurological-Audio: hypersensitivity to noiseWorsen9.84
Neurological-Audio: Tinnitus (ringing in ear)Worsen10.54
Neurological-Sleep: Chaotic diurnal sleep rhythms (Irratic Sleep)Worsen10.01
Neurological-Sleep: InsomniaWorsen3.93
Neurological-Sleep: Night SweatsImproves-5.12
Neurological-Sleep: Sleep ApneaWorsen5.55
Neurological-Vision: inability to focus eye/visionImproves-7.99
Neurological-Vision: photophobia (Light Sensitibity)Worsen7.03
Neurological: Cognitive OverloadImproves-4.52
Neurological: Difficulty readingWorsen9.82
Neurological: DysautonomiaWorsen10.6
Neurological: Executive Decision Making (Difficulty making)Improves-8.58
Neurological: fasciculations Worsen9.73
Neurological: Impairment of concentrationImproves-8.49
Neurological: Joint hypermobilityImproves-10.03
Neurological: Slowed speechWorsen8.34
Neurological: Word-finding problemsWorsen8.33
Official Diagnosis: Allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever)Improves-10.24
Official Diagnosis: Autoimmune DiseaseImproves-4.22
Official Diagnosis: Chronic Fatigue SyndromeWorsen8.33
Official Diagnosis: FibromyalgiaWorsen8.32
Official Diagnosis: Irritable Bowel SyndromeImproves-8.4
Official Diagnosis: Mast Cell DysfunctionImproves-11.05
Onset: 2010-2020Worsen8.58
Onset: less than 02 years since onsetWorsen4.76
Onset: less than 32 years since onsetImproves-4.54
Other: Sensitivity to moldImproves-9.62
Pain: Aching of the eyes or behind the eyesImproves-9.72
Pain: Myofascial painImproves-2.04
Post-exertional malaise: Muscle fatigue after mild physical activityWorsen5.67
Post-exertional malaise: Next-day soreness after everyday activitiesImproves-9.56
Post-exertional malaise: Physically tired after minimum exerciseWorsen4.51
Post-exertional malaise: Rapid cognitive fatigability, Worsen9.73
Post-exertional malaise: Worsening of symptoms after mild mental activityWorsen9.73
Post-exertional malaise: Worsening of symptoms after mild physical activityWorsen4.67
Sleep: Daytime drowsinessWorsen9.52
Sleep: Problems staying asleepWorsen10.06
Sleep: Waking up early in the morning (e.g. 3 AM)Worsen8.7

Published Science Infered Impact

This is according to the microbiome shifts reported in studies. Clinical studies may show different results

SymptomFrequency FoundRelative Impact
Allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever)Improves-3.56
Alzheimer's diseaseWorsen10.94
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) Motor NeuronWorsen8.12
Ankylosing spondylitisWorsen9.89
Autoimmune DiseaseImproves-3.55
Barrett esophagus cancerImproves-9.49
Brain TraumaWorsen9.69
Celiac DiseaseWorsen9.55
Chronic Fatigue SyndromeWorsen11.96
Chronic Kidney DiseaseWorsen9.13
Chronic urticaria (Hives)Improves-10.08
Colorectal CancerImproves-13.21
Crohn's DiseaseWorsen11.78
cystic fibrosisImproves-8.42
Functional constipation / chronic idiopathic constipationImproves-10.37
Gastro-esophageal reflux disease (Gerd) including Barrett's esophagusWorsen9.35
Generalized anxiety disorderImproves-10.48
Graves' diseaseWorsen7.73
Hashimoto's thyroiditisImproves-10.94
High Blood PressureWorsen11.84
Histamine IssuesImproves-11.03
Histamine Issues From UbiomeWorsen9.78
hypercholesterolemia (High Cholesterol)Improves-10.35
IgA nephropathy (IgAN)Worsen11.5
Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseWorsen8.84
Irritable Bowel SyndromeWorsen7.62
Juvenile idiopathic arthritisWorsen5.71
Liver CirrhosisWorsen11.54
ME/CFS with IBSImproves-8.99
ME/CFS without IBSImproves-11.08
Metabolic SyndromeWorsen9.79
Mood DisordersImproves-9.74
Multiple SclerosisImproves-11.65
neuropsychiatric disorders (PANDAS, PANS)Improves-9.76
Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (nafld) NonalcoholicWorsen10.38
Non-Celiac Gluten SensitivityImproves-2.23
Parkinson's DiseaseImproves-10.6
Rheumatoid arthritisWorsen10.97
rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and Spondyloarthritis (SpA)Improves-10.7
Sjögren syndromeImproves-10.34
Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)Improves-10.47
Stress / post-traumatic stress disorderImproves-11.9
Systemic Lupus ErythematosusImproves-11.04
Type 1 DiabetesImproves-10.87
Type 2 DiabetesWorsen11.04
Ulcerative colitisWorsen11.65

Bacteria Impacted

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We extend modifiers to include items that changes the parent and child taxa. I.e. for a species, that would be the genus that is belongs to and the strains in the species.

πŸ““ - direct citation | πŸ‘ͺ - Impacts Parent Taxa | πŸ‘Ά - Impacts Child Taxa | πŸ§™ - Inferred
Taxonomy Rank Effect Citations
Acidobacteriia class Increases 📓 Source Study
Enterococcaceae family Increases 📓 Source Study
Lachnospiraceae family Increases 📓 Source Study
Acetatifactor genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Acetitomaculum genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Agathobacter genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Anaerobium genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Anaerobutyricum genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Anaerocolumna genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Anaerosporobacter genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Anaerotaenia genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Anaerotignum genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Catellicoccus genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Catonella genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Cellulosilyticum genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Eisenbergiella genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Faecalicatena genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Fusicatenibacter genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Herbinix genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Hespellia genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Johnsonella genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Lachnoanaerobaculum genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Lachnobacterium genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Lachnotalea genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Melisococcus genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Merdimonas genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Mobilitalea genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Moryella genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Murimonas genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Oribacterium genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Parasporobacterium genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Pilibacter genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Robinsoniella genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Sellimonas genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Shuttleworthia genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Sporobacterium genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Stomatobaculum genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Syntrophococcus genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Tetragenococcus genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Tyzzerella genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Vagococcus genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Dorea genus Increases 📓 Source Study
Enterococcus genus Increases 📓 Source Study
Propionibacteriales order Increases 🧙 Source Study
Lactobacillales order Increases 📓 Source Study
Actinobacteria phylum Increases 📓 Source Study
Firmicutes phylum Increases 📓 Source Study
Gemmatimonadetes phylum Increases 📓 Source Study
Proteobacteria phylum Increases 📓 Source Study
ATCC 49372 species Increases 👪 Source Study
ATCC 49427 species Increases 👪 Source Study
ATCC 49903 species Increases 👪 Source Study
ATCC 51266 species Increases 👪 Source Study
ATCC BAA-1240 species Increases 👪 Source Study
ATCC BAA-350 species Increases 👪 Source Study
CCM 7299 species Increases 👪 Source Study
CCUG 59304 species Increases 👪 Source Study
CGMCC 1.15942 species Increases 👪 Source Study
Dorea longicatena species Increases 👪 Source Study
Dorea massiliensis species Increases 👪 Source Study
Dorea sp. species Increases 👪 Source Study
Dorea sp. MC_33 species Increases 👪 Source Study
Enterococcus alcedinis species Increases 👪 Source Study
Enterococcus asini species Increases 👪 Source Study
Enterococcus canis species Increases 👪 Source Study
Enterococcus cecorum species Increases 👪 Source Study
Enterococcus columbae species Increases 👪 Source Study
Enterococcus gallinarum species Increases 👪 Source Study
Enterococcus haemoperoxidus species Increases 👪 Source Study
Enterococcus hermanniensis species Increases 👪 Source Study
Enterococcus italicus species Increases 👪 Source Study
Enterococcus sp. species Increases 👪 Source Study
Enterococcus sp. FDAARGOS_375 species Increases 👪 Source Study
Enterococcus sp. HSIEG1 species Increases 👪 Source Study
JCM 8722 species Increases 👪 Source Study
JCM 8725 species Increases 👪 Source Study
NCDO 846 species Increases 👪 Source Study
PCU:282 species Increases 👪 Source Study

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