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Citizen Science Infered Impact

This is based on associations discovered from annotated 16s microbiome samples. See this post for more information.

SymptomFrequency Found
Neuroendocrine Manifestations: marked weight change Worsen
Neurological-Audio: Tinnitus (ringing in ear)Improves
Neurological-Sleep: Inability for deep (delta) sleepWorsen
Neurological: High degree of Empathy before onsetImproves
Pain: Joint painImproves
Sleep: Need to nap dailyWorsen

Published Science Infered Impact

This is according to the microbiome shifts reported in studies. Clinical studies may show different results

SymptomFrequency Found
Ankylosing spondylitisWorsen
Liver CirrhosisWorsen

Bacteria Impacted

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We extend modifiers to include items that changes the parent and child taxa. I.e. for a species, that would be the genus that is belongs to and the strains in the species.

📓 - direct citation | 👪 - Impacts Parent Taxa | 👶 - Impacts Child Taxa | 🧙 - Inferred
Taxonomy Rank Effect Citations
Catonella genus Increases 📓 Source Study
Burkholderiales order Increases 📓 Source Study
Catonella morbi species Increases 👪 Source Study

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