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Citizen Science Infered Impact

This is based on associations discovered from annotated 16s microbiome samples. See this post for more information.

SymptomFrequency Found
Autonomic Manifestations: irritable bowel syndromeWorsen
Autonomic Manifestations: nauseaWorsen
Comorbid-Mouth: Dry MouthWorsen
Gender: FemaleWorsen
Immune Manifestations: Abdominal PainWorsen
Neurocognitive: Difficulty paying attention for a long period of timeWorsen
Neuroendocrine: Lost or gained weight without tryingWorsen
Neurological-Audio: hypersensitivity to noiseWorsen
Neurological-Vision: photophobia (Light Sensitibity)Worsen
Sleep: Problems staying asleepWorsen

Published Science Infered Impact

This is according to the microbiome shifts reported in studies. Clinical studies may show different results

SymptomFrequency Found
Ankylosing spondylitisImproves
Ulcerative colitisImproves
Multiple SclerosisWorsen
Type 2 DiabetesImproves
Stress / post-traumatic stress disorderWorsen
Colorectal CancerImproves
Metabolic SyndromeImproves
Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseImproves
High Blood PressureWorsen
Irritable Bowel SyndromeImproves
Parkinson's DiseaseWorsen
Crohn's DiseaseImproves

Bacteria Impacted

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We extend modifiers to include items that changes the parent and child taxa. I.e. for a species, that would be the genus that is belongs to and the strains in the species.

📓 - direct citation | 👪 - Impacts Parent Taxa | 👶 - Impacts Child Taxa
Taxonomy Rank Effect Citations
Verrucomicrobiaceae family Increases 📓 Source Study
Brevifollis genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Haloferula genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Luteolibacter genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Persicirhabdus genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Prosthecobacter genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Roseimicrobium genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Verrucomicrobium genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Akkermansia genus Increases 📓 Source Study
Akkermansia glycaniphila species Increases 👪 Source Study
Akkermansia sp. species Increases 👪 Source Study
Akkermansia muciniphila species Increases 📓 Source Study

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