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Citizen Science Infered Impact

This is based on associations discovered from annotated 16s microbiome samples. See this post for more information.

SymptomFrequency Found
Autonomic Manifestations: Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS)Improves
Autonomic Manifestations: urinary frequency dysfunctionImproves
Comorbid-Mouth: Dry MouthImproves
Immune Manifestations: Abdominal PainImproves
Immune Manifestations: general malaiseImproves
Immune Manifestations: recurrent flu-like symptomsImproves
Joint: TendernessImproves
Neurocognitive: Difficulty paying attention for a long period of timeImproves
Neurocognitive: Unable to focus vision and/or attentionImproves
Neuroendocrine Manifestations: abnormal appetiteImproves
Neuroendocrine Manifestations: marked weight change Improves
Neuroendocrine Manifestations: subnormal body temperatureImproves
Neuroendocrine: Lack of appetiteImproves
Neurological: Difficulty processing information (Understanding)Improves
Neurological: High degree of Empathy before onsetImproves
Pain: Joint painImproves
Post-exertional malaise: Difficulty reading after mild physical or mental activityImproves
Post-exertional malaise: Post-exertional malaiseImproves
Post-exertional malaise: Rapid muscular fatigability, Improves

Published Science Infered Impact

This is according to the microbiome shifts reported in studies. Clinical studies may show different results

SymptomFrequency Found
Mood DisordersImproves
Histamine IssuesImproves
Ankylosing spondylitisWorsen
Ulcerative colitisImproves
Type 2 DiabetesWorsen
Stress / post-traumatic stress disorderImproves
Colorectal CancerImproves
Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)Improves
Liver CirrhosisImproves
Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseImproves
Chronic Kidney DiseaseImproves
Graves' diseaseWorsen
Celiac DiseaseImproves
Irritable Bowel SyndromeImproves
Parkinson's DiseaseImproves
Sjögren syndromeImproves
Crohn's DiseaseImproves
Generalized anxiety disorderImproves
Brain TraumaImproves
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) Motor NeuronWorsen
IgA nephropathy (IgAN)Improves

Bacteria Impacted

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We extend modifiers to include items that changes the parent and child taxa. I.e. for a species, that would be the genus that is belongs to and the strains in the species.

📓 - direct citation | 👪 - Impacts Parent Taxa | 👶 - Impacts Child Taxa
Taxonomy Rank Effect Citations
Enterobacteriaceae family Decreases 📓 Source Study
Escherichia genus Decreases 📓 Source Study
Kluyvera genus Decreases 📓 Source Study
Atlantibacter genus Decreases 👪 Source Study
Biostraticola genus Decreases 👪 Source Study
Buttiauxella genus Decreases 👪 Source Study
Candidatus Ishikawaella genus Decreases 👪 Source Study
Cedecea genus Decreases 👪 Source Study
Gibbsiella genus Decreases 👪 Source Study
Kosakonia genus Decreases 👪 Source Study
Leclercia genus Decreases 👪 Source Study
Lelliottia genus Decreases 👪 Source Study
Limnobaculum genus Decreases 👪 Source Study
Metakosakonia genus Decreases 👪 Source Study
Moranella genus Decreases 👪 Source Study
Pluralibacter genus Decreases 👪 Source Study
Pseudescherichia genus Decreases 👪 Source Study
Raoultella genus Decreases 👪 Source Study
Riesia genus Decreases 👪 Source Study
Rosenbergiella genus Decreases 👪 Source Study
Shimwellia genus Decreases 👪 Source Study
Siccibacter genus Decreases 👪 Source Study
Yokenella genus Decreases 👪 Source Study
Escherichia coli species Decreases 📓 Source Study
ATCC 33110 species Decreases 👪 Source Study
ATCC 35469 species Decreases 👪 Source Study
Escherichia citrophila (Asai et al. 1957) Asai et al. 1962 species Decreases 👪 Source Study
Escherichia coli Biovare species Decreases 👪 Source Study
Escherichia marmotae species Decreases 👪 Source Study
Escherichia sp. species Decreases 👪 Source Study
Escherichia sp. 1_1_43 species Decreases 👪 Source Study
Escherichia sp. 4_1_40B species Decreases 👪 Source Study
Escherichia/Shigella albertii species Decreases 👪 Source Study
Kluyvera ascorbata species Decreases 👪 Source Study
Kluyvera georgiana species Decreases 👪 Source Study
Kluyvera sp. SR5.1 species Decreases 👪 Source Study

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