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BacteriaReported Level
Bacillaeota [phylum]
Bacteroidaeota [phylum]
Alphaproteobacteraeota [phylum]
Actinobacteraeota [phylum]
Verrucomicrobaeota [phylum]
Fusobacteraeota [phylum]
blue-green algae [phylum]
Chloroflexi [phylum]
Mollicutaeota [phylum]
Bifidobacterium adolescentis [species]
Enterococcus [genus]
Desulfomicrobiaceae [family]
Bilophila wadsworthia [species]
Archaeobacteria [class]
Methanobrevibacter [genus]
Aminicella [genus]
Cloaca [genus]
Escherichia [genus]
Donovania [genus]
Providencia [genus]
Sutterella [genus]
Clostridioides difficile [species]
[Clostridium] scindens [species]
Corynebacterium fusiforme [species]
ATCC 35274 [species]
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