Rye, whole grain flour

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ClassName mg/gramOther Notes
Lignans Lariciresinol 0.0032
Matairesinol 0.000125
Medioresinol 0.0014000000000000002
Pinoresinol 0.0038
Secoisolariciresinol 0.00025
Syringaresinol 0.0097
Other polyphenols 5-Heneicosylresorcinol 0.1617275
5-Heptadecylresorcinol 0.1510704
5-Nonadecenylresorcinol 0.0355
5-Nonadecylresorcinol 0.2040863
5-Pentacosylresorcinol 0.0520817
5-Pentadecylresorcinol 0.0164286
5-Tricosylresorcinol 0.0700986
Phenolic acids 5-5'-Dehydrodiferulic acid 0.0537158
5-8'-Benzofuran dehydrodiferulic acid 0.0763579
5-8'-Dehydrodiferulic acid 0.027000000000000003
8-O-4'-Dehydrodiferulic acid 0.1457526
Caffeic acid 0.002
Ferulic acid 0.45969499999999996
p-Coumaric acid 0.021383350000000002
Sinapic acid 0.053964149999999995
Syringic acid 0.023399999999999997
Vanillic acid 0.0252
Polyphenols, total Polyphenols, total 0.719725

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