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  1. Gastrointestinal Simulation Model TWIN-SHIME Shows Differences between Human Urolithin-Metabotypes in Gut Microbiota Composition, Pomegranate Polyphenol Metabolism, and Transport along the Intestinal Tract.
    Journal of agricultural and food chemistry (J Agric Food Chem ) Vol: 65 Issue 27 Pages: 5480-5493
    Pub: 2017 Jul 12 Epub: 2017 Jun 28 Authors García-Villalba R , Vissenaekens H , Pitart J , Romo-Vaquero M , Espín JC , Grootaert C , Selma MV , Raes K , Smagghe G , Possemiers S , Van Camp J , Tomas-Barberan FA ,

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