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  1. A safflower oil based high-fat/high-sucrose diet modulates the gut microbiota and liver phospholipid profiles associated with early glucose intolerance in the absence of tissue inflammation.
    Molecular nutrition & food research (Mol Nutr Food Res ) Vol: 61 Issue 5 Pages:
    Pub: 2017 May Epub: 2017 Feb 22
    • Danneskiold-Samsøe NB
    • Andersen D
    • Radulescu ID
    • Normann-Hansen A
    • Brejnrod A
    • Kragh M
    • Madsen T
    • Nielsen C
    • Josefsen K
    • Fretté X
    • Fjaere E
    • Madsen L
    • Hellgren LI
    • Brix S
    • Kristiansen K

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